“After deciding about a year ago that the effects of breath work was something I wanted to pursue, I’ve been able to incorporate it into my routine and have seen great improvements physically and mentally because of this “tool”. Working with Harvey has built a foundation of confidence within my performance, recovery and mindset. I’ve been able to use different protocols in and out of season that have given me an even greater understanding of the benefit of “the breath”. From working on controlling my breath in the sauna, cold tubs or in the weight room I’ve been able to carry all these experiences onto the ice.”

James Van RiemsdykNHL All-Star

“Training the breath with Harvey Martin and The MindStrong Project has been a major component to my growth the last couple years. Understanding more of what the breathe does to our biology has opened many doors and helped me to continue tapping into my humanistic potential. The most exciting part is that I feel I am just getting started.”

Nate OrfOakland Athletics

“In the most simple, yet significant ways, MindStrong offers the tools to improve; in your performance, your goals, in your pursuit of personal growth, in your perspective on how you attack your day to day life. MindStrong pushes you past your potential with both hands.”

Brian PetersNFL Linebacker

“As a teammate Harvey’s communication skills were effortless, his passion for making others better is unwavering. I’d strongly recommend Harvey Martin and The MindStrong Project to anyone who is in hope of taking their game to the next level or consistently maintain a high performance at the level they are at!”

Matt MagersHead Baseball Coach MSU, Mankato

“Harvey Martin’s MindStrong program is a deeper look into how the mind is the most power muscle in the human body and how it can be trained to be the most powerful! Harvey’s Diamond Series takes a holistic approach to creating the reasons why an athlete pursues the daily grind and develop the edge to be great. A strong mind is the foundation that will help you develop your core beliefs and principles. Any team or organization can benefit from the Mind Strong program and enhance the most under developed tool that everyone has…the brain!” #chaseedges

Travis HergertCurrent Assistant Pitching Coordinator for Philadelphia Phillies, Former Head Baseball Coach at NIACC

“When I joined the United States Air Force I showed up on the first day, they shaved my head, took away my name and told me to get ready for hell on earth for the next six weeks. During the next six weeks I faced weeks where I would be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night. And was demanded to perform physical punishment for hours everyday without regard for my personal wellness. Throughout this process, I realized that I couldn’t control almost everything that was going on around me. But the one thing I could always control was my breath. Thanks to the Mindstrong Project and the lessons that I learned from Harvey Martin through the years I learned that there were really only two things that I could control: my breath and my attitude. When other began giving up and quitting I began to lead among my peers. Through breath work I was able to go without sleep and still feel energized and attentive throughout the day. After getting teargassed when other cadets were on the ground grasping for air, I was able to stand tall and regain my breath and heart rate almost instantly. I am forever grateful for the lessons I’ve learned from the Mindstrong Project and I cannot wait to continue my journey in learning how to control the controllables.”

Duke BengeUnited States Air Force

“It’s hard to put into words how Mindstrong impacted our players and coaches. The way they bring a physical approach to sports psychology and physiology allowed us to grow as players and give us an awareness to having a positive mindset and breath work! They helped enhance our culture as a team and personally gave me tools to become a better coach! The best part is the MindStong team is all just great guys that want the best for others! We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Andrew WoitasAssistant Baseball Coach Gustavus

“I always enjoy working with Harvey and Dave at The MindStrong Project. My own strong purpose, standards, systems, and vision helped me build a successful company, and I recommend anyone looking to strengthen their own reach out to these guys. Their constant pursuit of growth as well as their ability to pass on their knowledge is a winning combination.”

Devan KlineCEO Burn Bootcamp