The Diamond Series Online Course


Hosted by MindStrong’s founder and coach Harvey Martin.


Follow along in your PDF packet as Harvey Martin takes you through The MindStrong Project’s “Diamond Series” which covers one’s Purpose, Standards, Systems and Vision. Harvey will also take you through “Stimulus – Choice – Reaction” which goes into detail with ways to handle the uncontrollables one faces in their journey and how to navigate through the chaos of everyday life. You will then end on MindStrong’s Three Ring Circus demonstrating ways to break through the barriers you may be facing while chasing your dreams and goals you have for yourself. Good luck and enjoy the course!

What’s Included:

  • Downloadable PDF packet to complete alongside the videos. 
  • Video 1 – Harvey will go into detail about our “Diamond Series” which includes guiding you through one’s Purpose, Standards, Systems and Vision.
  • Video 2 – “Stimulus – Choice – Reaction” and “The Three Ring Circus.”

*After purchasing you will receive an email with downloadable links for the two videos as well as our MindStrong Project worksheet to be completed along side the videos or on your own.*