Austin Hanson  

Mindset & Performance Coach 

Austin joined The MindStrong Project in 2019 after earning his Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Prior to graduating from Mankato, Austin played two years of college baseball at M-State Fergus Falls where he was the Male Student-Athlete of the Year in 2015. 

 Austin received graduate level training from renowned professors Cindra Kamphoff and Michelle McAlarnen during his time at Minnesota State.  Under their supervision, he also had the opportunity to create mental training workshops and train high school teams, as well as consult with high school and college individuals.  Austin is currently in the process of publishing his graduate research regarding the development of GRIT in college athletes. 

 Hanson served multiple roles with the Minnesota State University, Mankato baseball program for four seasons.  Starting in 2016, he joined the program as a student manager.  In 2018 he became a volunteer assistant and held the positions of Bullpen Coach and Mental Performance Coach.

 The MindStrong Project has allowed Austin to expansively grow his network and explore the relationship between psychology and physiology across health and sport-specific contexts.  His primary focuses include educating youth at the JP4 Foundation and individual/group consulting within our MindStrong Academy.