What’s the best kind of water to drink?

My advice has changed concerning best kind of water to drink for optimal health.  In the past, my recommendation was spring water. One of the brands in particular was The Mountain Valley Spring Water.  A key reason I advocated this water was the location of the spring on a 2,000 acre protected forest in the USA.  This secluded location allowed for minimal effects from man’s footprint as well as minerals enrichment as the water flowed through and over the land.  As the water travels through the ground, it collects minerals resulting in enriched water.  If these minerals can make to the cells and enter, they play an essential role in our energy production and metabolism.

However, I recently changed my recommendation from this type of drinking water to distilled water due to a reduced capacity to use these minerals as we age or have a compromised digestive system.  Distilled water is the only pure water, so it does not contain these inorganic minerals, nor bacteria, or viruses. In nature, we can find distilled water as the water after rain evaporates from the heat of the sun and later condenses to make distilled water.  The life of distilled water is short as it falls through the sky collecting contaminants from the polluted atmosphere. Due to the pollution, your safest means of distilled water is a home distillation unit.

My new recommendation has yielded several questions regarding the efficacy of distilled water. The most popular concern seems to be “doesn’t distilled water leach minerals from my body?” That is true.  Distilled water will most likely leach inorganic minerals located outside of the cells such as toxic minerals like fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, mercury, and PCBs. These toxic minerals along with other inorganic minerals that the cells are not using can lead to chronic disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, among others. Organic minerals found in foods such as wild-caught seafood and grass-fed meats and bones are absorbed and used more efficiently by our cells due to mineral chelation. Chelation is the process of combining an amino acid, for example, to a mineral. Chelated minerals are absorbed more efficiently from the gastrointestinal tract and then into our blood. I believe the best way to get your minerals is by eating seafood and pastured animals instead of the inorganic minerals found in water, including spring and alkaline waters. If you suffer from leaky gut or another type of gastrointestinal challenge, this will also contribute to your body’s ability to chelate inorganic minerals found waters.

Actionable Steps:
1. A stainless steel/glass home distiller is your best bet due to lack of contact with plastic. If you’re not ready to invest in a home distiller, you can get gallon plastic jugs of distilled water from Walmart. We recommend Walmart due to their higher turnover. The higher turnover translates to less time for water to leach plastic from the jug.
2. Use a stainless steel or glass bottle to store and drink your water.
3. If you drink hot beverages like coffee or tea, I HIGHLY recommend using distilled water. Heating concentrates solutions.
4. Get minerals from in-season fruits and vegetables, wild-caught seafood, and grass-fed beef.  

In love and health,

Dr. Thoma