3 Things you Should do every Morning

First, thank you Brian G for the topic suggestion for this week! We appreciate your creativity and desire to improve your health!

Health and time are two things I value most. Leveraging my daily routines and habits to improve my health and efficiency are essential. Health takes time, however, if we can do multiple health-promoting activities simultaneously, we have to take advantage of the opportunity.  One of the most influential times of the day for your health is when you wake up in the morning. I love the mornings! Below we share 3 things that will make you unstoppable when you do them consistently.

Three things that I highly recommend that you do are eat breakfast, watch the sunrise and ground. These are 3 of the most impactful morning activities that you can do to increase your metabolism and improve your health and performance. Do the 3 activities for 30 days straight. Over the 30 days, be aware of subtle changes in your energy, mood, and productivity throughout the day. Do them every day, whether it’s a weekday or weekend, workday or off day. The first 90 minutes of my morning are the same whether I am in or out of the office for the day. I do this to promote optimal cell function. Your cells function optimally with a similar timing of inputs (light, food, activity, magnetism) which controls your circadian rhythm. Without optimal circadian rhythm, the game is over–you’ll be tired in the morning and wired at night, have adrenal fatigue, brain fog, hypothyroid, anemia, diabetes, obesity, and <insert any chronic disease here>.

A lot of people say they don’t have time for breakfast. Making time for breakfast starts with your evening routine and bedtime. If you’re up till 11 pm the night before and wake to an alarm 30 minutes before you are out the door for work you’re right–you won’t have time for breakfast. The first change you’ll make so you do have time for breakfast is to move your bedtime earlier to 9 pm or earlier. When you move your bedtime from 11 pm, you’ll have time to make a breakfast of real food instead of a Larabar bar, Clif bar, or Isagenix shake. Processed food, like these, is insufficient for your cells energy production and metabolism. One of the best ways to create sustainable, consistent energy is to have your largest meal at breakfast. Be sure to include plenty of protein at breakfast as this helps maintain blood sugar levels and energy throughout the day and can prevent afternoon crashes. When you get out of bed put your breakfast in the oven or Instapot, so it starts cooking as you do the next two morning habits.

While your food is cooking in the oven or Instapot, go outside to a comfortable place to watch the sunrise. You’ll want to do this with the least amount of clothes that’s socially acceptable (my neighbors hate me). Exposing as much of your skin to the morning sun and avoiding sunglasses is essential for your health. The morning light frequencies from the sun help your skin and eyes produce major hormones and neurotransmitters like melatonin (alert: trouble sleeping at night??) and dopamine (alert: grumpy or irritable; Parkinson’s) as well as many others.   Soak in the morning rays until your oven or Instapot timer goes off. As my food is cooking and I watch the sunrise for about 5-10 minutes then I turn on my phone on to check for texts and emails as well as check social media. Social media will crush my efficiency so I spend no more than 10 minutes on it in the morning. I found several years ago it is a huge time waster.

Along with morning sun exposure and breakfast, the other thing that I highly recommend that you do is ground (or earth). Do this by having your bare feet touch the ground. Be sure that you are on a surface like grass, dirt, or concrete as these are conductive surfaces. Blacktop and artificial turf are likely not conductive and therefore you won’t be grounded. There are plenty of studies showing the benefits of grounding in cases including degenerative and inflammatory diseases and blood glucose in people with diabetes (search pubmed.com for “earthing or “grounding”). Humans have occupied earth for close to a quarter million years with much of that time touching the earth with our bare skin. Most of us go for weeks without ever touching the earth with our bare skin. Chronic lack of physical connection to the earth is bad news for our metabolism and health especially in a tech-filled world of man-made electromagnetics.

Actionable steps:
1. Go to bed earlier if you “don’t have time to make breakfast.” Make it 9 pm and as we approach winter solstice make it even earlier. #sanssocialmedia
2. Put breakfast in your oven or Instapot and let it cook as you watch the sunrise. #breakthefast
3. Watch the sunrise, or at least have your body facing the sun, with minimal clothes every morning. Also, eat your breakfast outside as this will help with optimal hormone and neurotransmitter production since you’ll likely be inside working much of the day. The skin and the eyes are the vessels of light information from the sun to your cells. They need optimal light exposure for your cells to function optimally. #morningsun
4. Ground every morning at breakfast as you expose yourself to morning sunlight. #earthing
5. Pro athlete level: wet the ground under your feet and do diaphragmatic breathing as you watch the sunrise. The moisture increases conductivity and diaphragmatic breathing massages the digestive tract to prepare it for the first meal. Ground outside and expose your skin to the sun when working on your computer or phone as well. Grounding and exposing yourself to natural sunlight helps mitigate the adverse effects of modern-day technology on your cells.  #theleague

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Have an awesome weekend!

As always, tough love from your guy,
Dr. Thoma

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